Live Composting and Fishing Insects/Grubs

At Living Soil Productions, we sell everything you need to establish your wormery at home, starting with our live composting worms. Whether you’re new to vermicomposting or a seasoned wormery owner, we have a wide selection of items to keep your wormery working smoothly. Live composting worms can be placed in a wormery or directly in your garden’s soil to help reduce your green household waste.

  • Red wiggler fisihing worm for sale

    Red Wiggler Fishing Worms

  • African Nightcrawler worms

    African Nightcrawler Fishing Worms

  • Red Dillies for sale

    European Nightcrawler Fishing Worms

  • Canadian Nightcrawlers

    Canadian Nightcrawler Fishing Worms

  • Red Wiggler Composting Worms for Sale

    Red Wiggler Composting Worms

  • African Nightcrawler composting worms for sale

    African Nightcrawler Composting Worms

  • European Nightcrawlers for sale

    European Nightcrawler Composting Worms

  • composting worms for sale

    Live Composting Worm Variety Mix


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