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Live bait for Sale near Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork

Fresh Live Fishing Worms for Sale

 Fishing with live worms has been around as long as people have been fishing. The difference with our fresh live fishing worms for sale is we feed our worms some of the very best feed stocks for creating Premium Worm Castings or Vermiculture so, cultured worms are a little different!

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Red wigglers fishing bait

Composting Worms for Sale

Need composting worms? Searching for a way to reduce food waste and help the environment? Vermicomposting is a splendid solution! We’ve got the perfect composting worms for sale to get you started! We source our worms from our own worm composting farm!

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Vermicastings (Worm Castings)

Premium Worm Castings for Sale

Living Soil Productions Premium Worm Castings are currently available for sale! We offer a Premium Vermicasting / Vermicompost mix that is perfect for all your gardening needs. Whether you are looking to improve the quality of your soil or just want to add extra…

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